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The Nesting is a CALeTs-sponsored group of songwriters who are learning to perfect their craft. In the process, they work on musicianship, vocal abilities, stage presence, interviewing skills, how to stay grounded as an artist, and more.

How to Audition

Group size is limited to 10-12 members.

  • How to Get Started: Sign up for private music lessons. The teacher assigned to you will assess your talent and personal compatibility. No time frame can be stated as it's an individual process. Your work ethic, focus, talent and ability to be a supportive team player will be assessed. Each member has their own set of skills, personality, and abilities that help to inspire the rest of the group. The group leader/instructor is present, but members are all teachers in their own way and an inspiration to each other.
  • Please Note: An instruction recommendation is needed to audition for an open group.
  • The Audition Process: You will be invited to group meetings to see how you work and progress with other members. You must continue private lessons for individual guidance. There is no set time for this process as each person's eligibility is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • Voting: Your desired group and its instructor(s) determine together when they are ready to vote on your inclusion in the group.
  • The Vote: Once votes are tallied and returned as a 'yes', you will be asked to sign a contract stating your commitment of time, attendance and some monetary contribution to the group. The group has agreed to contribute a portion of the cost of recording, gig needs, and videos as individuals become ready. A contribution is in direct relation to the monies available and the length of time in The Nesting.
  • Lastly: Due to the unique structure of this group, the steps above are open to adjustment as we cannot foresee special circumstances that may arise.
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